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Slam valve motor applications

Unported motors are used for long lifespan high efficiency applications. Unported motors require no modification to the piston and cylinder block itself ; the slam valve head will simply bolt on to an existing cylinder block in place of its former head. Most applications will be steam engines with boilers in the 300 to 500 degree F range and condensers that operate 212 F and down. The greater the temperature difference between boiler and condenser, the greater the efficiency of the steam engine. Cooler condensers require a vacuum pump. Solar thermal applications are a natural source of inexpensive steam to run the motor. Residential hot water heaters, pools, and space heaters are a natural place to dump the waste heat. Use the motor to generate electricity or increase your savings three times by offloading an electric motor such as a pool or refrigeration pump.

Ported motors are used where one requires high power density and high efficiency, such as an automobile engine. Ported motors put out twice the torque of a gasoline engine of the same displacement. Ported motors can achieve the same efficiency as the unported motors when running at lower torque, which is comparable to that of a gasoline engine.. The return of the steam powered car can now be accompanied by regenerative braking, a popular feature in hybrid vehicles today. Steam can be sourced by burning a fuel such as gasoline, or by using a thermal battery which stores electrical energy. The thermal battery has an energy density of 250 watt hours per kg, twice that of lithium ion batteries, and recharges overnight from electricity.  Or you can buy one.