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Spreadsheet tools
These tools are for computing values you will need to use solar thermal power in your application.  They are designed for older versions of excel, are compatible with newer versions of excel.  The tools should be compatible with open office which is free.  The tools do not use macros or any complex features of the spreadsheets so they should work on any platform.

All of these tools are free for your use.  You are not permitted to distribute the tools, instead distribute a link to this page.  In this way we can keep updating the tools from this point.  Excel and open office will allow you to see the calculations, write to if you have any questions on how these are arrived at.  Duplication is permitted only for class materials for a class size of 30 students or fewer.  For larger classes get permission from .  All tools are based on the best mathematical model we have.  Errors and approximations that do not always hold up may exist in these spreadsheets. is not responsible for any losses incurred by applying these spreadsheets.  For example if the Fresnel tool told a user they would get 1000 kilowatt hours per year from a given location, and the array actually produced less, slamvalvemotor is not responsible for the shortfall.

Instructions:  Right click on the description, save file to your desktop or other location.  Enter your information in the yellow fields, overwriting the example information that is there.  Look for results in green fields.  Change values in yellow fields to see change in results in green. Graphs update whenever you update a yellow cell.

The Fresnel tool. Enter latitude of your location and the width of your array, get kilowatt hours and therms of energy yield as a function of month of the year

Induction motor sizing guide. Learn how to apply an induction motor as a grid tied generator.  Example is high efficiency baldor motor

Induction motor sizing guide. Learn how to apply an induction motor as a grid tied generator.  Example is harbor freight induction motor

Engine lifespan predictor. Models the maximum lifespan for a gasoline, diesel, or steam engine

Guess my miles per gallon.  Enter width, length, ground clearance, weight and engine size for any car, get miles per gallon highway and city

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