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             We dont make the steam engine.  We make the part that turns an air compressor into a steam engine.

Head for harbor freight air compressor pump 93785-3VGA
harbor freight air compressor 3 hpsteam enginegraph of 266 cc power density
        Original compressor                                       with head                                                power output as a steam engine

purchase this air compressor .  The air compressor has a piston, sleeve, crankshaft and pulley which become the primary moving parts in a steam engine. Unbolt the compressor's head (6 bolts).  Bolt on the slam valve head. Bolt the unit down.  Plumb in high pressure steam, plumb out waste steam.  The unit becomes an engine.  Use a 3 inch pulley to drive a 3600 RPM 1 horsepower or below pump (>355 deg F boiler no vacuum),  or a 6 inch pulley to drive an  induction motor at 1800 RPM.  If the intake is at 400 deg F (200 psi)  and the exhaust is at atmospheric pressure (212 F), use a 1 horsepower induction motor as a generator.  For 350 deg F boiler, use a 3/4 horsepower motor.   If running a vacuum system, drop the motor horsepower by half every 25 deg C drop in radiator temperature (absolute radiator pressure drop of 1/2).  Have a mechanism to purge water and emulsion from the crankcase and use steam oil.  We suggest you purchase a spare compressor.  Its cheap, easy to replace, and although its an iron sleeve and long lifespan low RPM design, it will still wear out before the head.  All in all an excellent workhorse engine for your small solar thermal power plant or solar powered pool pump.  Arrives tuned for 600 RPM operation, can be tuned for higher RPM.  No torque control as delivered, can be retrofitted for screw or flap type torque control.  Anodized alumimum, 3/8 inch NPT input port, 1/4 inch NPT purge port, two 3/8 inch NPT exhaust ports.

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Download data from compressed air grid tied generator experiment here.
graph of shaft power vs pressure