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Parts list for tilt able Fresnel reflector
stainless mirror cut to order       another source for stainless      cut it yourself and save money     mylar reflector, more reflective than stainless and cheaper but can attract dust    Complete solar collector

stiffener for spars buy or cut to 6 feet    screw    washer    standoff    threaded standoff    lock washer

end supports for spars. Cheaper at your local hardware store   tilt mechanism cut for arms

Parts list for flooded tube boiler
structure. Also available cheaper at local hardware store, use 16 gauge 
pipe   fittings   tube support/ heat exchanger
evacuated tube  insulation

Steam engine parts
266 CC iron sleeve and piston with belt drive      600 CC iron sleeve with belt drive
head for steam engine
cheap normal quality motor           high efficiency baldor
pulley for 1750 rpm motor      belt

vacuum pump        steam oil   water pump   another water pump
servo motors for tilting array     12 volt water pump for vehicles 
vacuum pump for 12 volts    overpressure regulator
solenoid valve

For space heating

For water heating, plumb steam into pipe stub inserted into the water heater through the connection used for the drain valve.
For pool heating, solder copper steam pipe to one of the lines from the pool pump.