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Compressed air experiment.  This is a demo of the Mark 2 slam valve head on a 333 CC harbor freight air compressor.  In this video we measure power output and air consumed using simple instruments and an induction motor as a grid tied generator.  From the power output of the induction generator, we get shaft power of the air motor.  From the change in pressure of the tank, we get air consumed.  From the ratio of these numbers we show that the efficiency of the mark 2 motor used at 600 RPM is over 80% of that of an ideal adiabatic expansion motor.  Compressed air is used as a stand in for steam because the efficiency is easier to calculate.  The induction motor is a stand in for a dynomometer and also demonstrates how to use this arrangement as a grid tied generator.

It can be hard to read the numbers in the youtube video,  youtube compression is not kind to an LCD screen.  Download the instrument only video here.

Live steam experiment on the Mark 1 motor.  In this experiment we show a 333 CC slam valve motor driving a grid tied generator when powered from live steam.  The experiment is cut short by a build up of emulsion in the boiler.  The boiler is a Home Depot electric water heater.  We had been feeding oily water into the tank thinking it would come out as an oil spray.  The water heater  has too large of a cross section however and the oil was staying in the tank, being churned into a mayonaise like mixture. This prevented convection currents in the tank from making the water in the tank a uniform temperature.  Had the tank contained water instead, the total volume in the tank would be at 175 C and contained enough energy to run the motor for several minutes, allowing a decent efficiency demo.  In earlier testing the tank had in fact contained mostly water.  The Mark 1 design has shorter valves than the mark 2, limiting peak RPM.  This demo does in fact show that steam can be used to make grid tied power using low cost elements like the harbor freight air compressor body and a low cost induction motor.

Stand along generator demo on compressed air.  Here we light a 120 volt light bulb with power generated from  an induction motor and
a slam valve motor running from compressed air.  The yield is slightly lower due to the capacitor being too small.  This caused the motor to run faster and consume air slower, but only slightly.  Also we show the characteristics of an unloaded induction motor.