Slam Valve Motor, supplying efficient steam engines for homeowners and professional solar installers
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Investment opportunities

Interested investors may purchase shares of patents at market value. One share pays a dividend of 1/1000 of the total licensing fees collected on that patent, paid quarterly. Only 1000 shares exist for any given patent. Shares sell for market value and may be traded without restrictions. In order to receive dividends the share owner must register with and must be a US person. Corporate ownership is not yet supported. uses this investment money to pay legal expenses and to construct prototypes and make production runs. For more information, contact

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Currently available: Shares of the international patent for the slam valve motor. This patent covers the design of the slam valve motor itself, including adaptations for regenerative braking and higher horsepower high RPM motors.  Currently at $5000 per share. Current licensing : $0.10 per watt of shaft power for solar thermal, $5 per horsepower for vehicles. Total world market : 1*10^12 watts of electricity (half of all the electric power consumed world wide) plus 5*10^12 watts of heat. 1 trillion watts of solar thermal generators will make 5 trillion watts of heat for space heating and hot water and remove an additional 5 trillion watts of heat which were previously used to generate electricity. Total revenue at current rate = $100 billion provided we sell solar thermal at a cheaper rate than the world currently pays for electricity. The world also consumes 40 million passenger cars per year, at 200 hp each that’s $40 billion per year total market, provided we deliver a more economical power plant than the gasoline engine.

Also available, special deals on three other patents. Pay all legal expenses for filing one patent and receive 500 shares of that patent. Thats only $50 per share depending on the legal expenses.  One is a battery system to allow steam powered vehicles to run on electricity. Already demonstrated at 125 watt hours per kilogram, new prototype stores 250 watt hours per kilogram. Unlimited charge cycles, no penalty for deep discharge, costing under a dollar per lb for materials. Another is improved regenerative braking technology for vehicles ; a lightweight energy storage system. A third improves vehicle efficiency. Contact us today:
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