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Custom slam valve motors

If a piston and cylinder assembly has a head which can be unbolted, usually a slam valve head can be made to replace it turning the unit into a steam engine. Good candidates are car engines, belt drive air compressors and refrigeration compressors. Air compressors generally offer the best value (displacement and lifespan) for the money. Refrigeration compressors are sealed, allowing other working fluids besides water or evacuated systems. Vehicle engines are compatible with a vehicle. Large stationary Diesel engines offer longer lifespan but cost more up front. Air Compressors which tie directly to an induction motor are poor choices, since the induction motor is generally several times too large to be useful as a generator. Two stroke engines can be done but have lubrication issues, these are poorer choices. Short lifespan gasoline generators or other power equipment will not give longer service life as steam engines. To consider a block for a design, contact:
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 A Non Recurring Engineering cost will be charged if the block in question has not been done before. The NREs are reasonable and represent engineering time only. Operating RPM is also a parameter, lower RPM motors represent a lower NRE. Additional features such as lubrication direct injection, boost power, higher pressure, and regenerative braking also affect NRE.  If a previous design meets your requirements, no NRE is required. Receive a design to be fabricated at the machine shop of your choice. In addition to the NRE, there is a licensing fee of $0.10 per watt of shaft power for generators, or $5.00 per horsepower for vehicle motors. This is per engine.

Once you have your unit running, consider making more of them.  Steam engine sales and service is a growing business.  E mail us your site or business contact info and receive a free listing at this site.  Vehicle conversions are going to be an especially attractive business.  There are many dozens of popular engine styles to build and service, and each one has a wide range of possible performance specs that it can be built to.  Larger engines for solar thermal applications, generally based on large air or refrigeration compressors or automobile engines, are also an available market.

Special offer:
For the owner of a standard transmission pickup truck of a popular engine style who lives in the greater Los Angeles area, pay zero NRE for 3000 RPM motor with similar horsepower but twice the torque of the current engine. Requires photos of the truck before and after conversion to be placed on this web page as promotional info.  Van or station wagon is also acceptable.

converted gasoline generator           air compressor head
     Converted gasoline engine/generator using ported motor design        Converted air compressor, unported, using original air compressor manifold