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Video demo of a slam valve motor running from compressed air, driving AC power back into the grid through an ordinary induction motor.  In the video we show how to compute efficiency and power from the experiment.  Download experiment data here or here.  Learn more.

The tilt able Fresnel reflector is the ultimate steam source for your small solar thermal power plant.  Generate electricity, filter a pool, provide free hot water.  Instructions on how to build one and tools to estimate performance here.
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Custom motor designs available to convert almost any piston and cylinder to steam.  Automobile engines work well.  Diesel engines provide long lifespan.  Air compressors and refrigeration compressors are most economical.  Ported steam motors put out over twice the torque of a gasoline motor of the same size, making them  ideal for plug hybrid vehicle conversions.
power graph for ported motor
Free powerful tools based on excel or open office spreadsheets located here.  Estimate yield from a given solar array, motor lifespan, performance of an induction motor used as a grid tied generator.  Try different spar spacings, boiler temperatures, reflector materials, tilt angles to see how the power generated is affected.  Estimate the lifespan of anything with a piston.  Estimate the miles per gallon on any car.

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